About Us

The Lahore Education And Research Network (LEARN) is a capacity building and research network based in Lahore that works in unison with other institutions and individuals on a collaborative model bases. In this way, we act as the bridge between the institutions we work with and the professional trainers, researchers and experts we liaison and network with to provide world class training, development and research to our clients tailored as per their needs and demands.We endeavour to provide the best trainers for our programmes based on individual needs of the client.

We believe in the collective strength of synergizing the best of talent and knowledge to bring it to people and places where it is most needed. Our work is therefore, based on a collaborative model of operation and we encourage all knowledge enthusiasts to support us.

Our Mission

Established in 2015, LEARN aims to bridge the gap between education, research and practice thereby, increasing the intellectual capacity of the trainees and to equip them with practical skills that would enable them to build on their theoretical knowledge. LEARN thrives on a collaborative model of operation which enables us to bring to our clients tailor-made research and training programmes to suit their independent and unique needs, goals and objectives.

What We Do

LEARN operates by way of developing linkages with master trainers and experts in the field of law, politics, governance, economy, development and education as well as career and academic counselors and organizations to develop, arrange, organize and manage research and capacity building seminars and workshops to suit the particular needs of our clients.

In this way we are able to offer convenient and flexible programmes that focus on developing and harnessing specialized skills including, but not limited to, academic writing and research methodologies, presentation skills, CV and resume development, negotiation and professional development, teacher training and faculty development.

We also offer our own research, commentaries and analysis of laws and policy input for international and intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, as well as for government departments on the interplay and implications of international law areas and the consequent position of Pakistan and its resulting obligations thereof.