LEARN’s Flagship Series Include:

From Graduate to Associate Series
in which we train final year law students for topics of practical relevance that they would immediately need as associates/trainees in law firms such as including, how to obtain license to practice from Punjab bar and all its related formalities, including, costs, documents and procedures involved. It also includes sessions including legal career options in more detail and can also include session on basic research, drafting and acclimatizing with court/firm environment, personnel and procedures. The idea is to send an informed/trained graduate into the work-force so that their journey as associates is eased out.

Women in Law Series
This flagship programme places focus and emphasis on women in law and while in its first run it focused on highlighting the basic challenges and opportunities for women in the legal profession, we aim to develop this series further by providing necessary training opportunities to women in whatever way we can to enhance and improve their skills and to secure their exposure to legal practice as well as access to other resources. This however, is a women-centric programme that caters solely to their issues, skills, needs, and opportunities.

Academic Development Programme
This series envisages trainings on topics of interest and relevance to students who wish to apply abroad for further studies and includes basic skills based topics such as writing effective personal statements, CVs and cover letters. It also includes sessions on referencing and footnotes as well as on how to conduct literature reviews and proposal writings. A component on interview skills was also added to improve the programme and make it relevant in a practical context. It includes advice on how to tackle the most challenging and intriguing questions that may be asked by selection committees. We also plan on adding a session on scholarship advice, opportunities and how best to succeed in the applications for them. As a complimentary session, we add ‘how to write effective recommendation letters’ for faculty members if the institution purchases the full programme.