Seminar on Women: Influence and Power in Law

HERSELF and LEARN Pakistan along with PEACEFUL PAKISTAN bring to you an insightful seminar on Women INFLUENCE & POWER IN LAW. #WIPL FREE ENTRY, REGISTER NOW: https://goo.gl/forms/2x1HW60GjA5FX8rr2 Experts from the field of LAW in diverse fields will be training and answering your questions on where to go when you need help with a certain law. Among the discussion topics are: - Women Harassment at Workplace - Cyber security and Prevention of electronic Crimes - Law for businesses Meet us on Friday 9th Nov at 3:00 pm onwards at this event as we discuss women, power and influence in law through various legal aspects related to women entrepreneurs

Reclaim Your Space – 4th Dialogue in the Women in Law Series

The 4th Dialogue in the our celebrated 'women in law dialogue series' takes place at University College Lahore this November 2018. 4th Women in Law Dialogue | Themes 1. Challenging Manels: Why a Woman's Voice Matters (Hafsa Ahmad) 2. Reimagining a more Equal and Inclusive Legal Profession: The Role Male Colleagues can Play (Muneeb Qadir) 3. Addressing Harassment in Legal Profession (Bushra Khaliq) 4. Importance of an Enabling Environment to Reclaim Space (Hassan Niazi and Aneesa Agha) 5. Reclaiming Space through Representation: Bar Elections and Voting Register today as shown in poster/image (Deadline Extended till 4th November 2018)

Women Lawyers Databank

Please help us reach out to female lawyers in our quest to develop the women lawyers databank. The entries are open for legal practitioners, in-house counsels, members from academia or development sector, judiciary and any other more innovative/entrepreneurial fields so long as they have at least 5 years of Post Qualification Experience. send their details to womeninlaw@learnpak.com.pk

Press Release: VAWCon18

LAHORE: “Violence against women is not limited to physical wounds and abuse. It is more pervasive than our common understanding of it, because women are tortured not just physically but also psychologically and economically,” Nida Usman Chaudhary, founder of the Lahore Education and Research Network (LEARN), said on Monday. She was speaking at the Women in Law Conference on Violence Against Women. Chaudhary said women in many areas of Pakistan were still denied their right to vote and to have a voice. “They are deprived of their economic rights, their dower and their property. They are still objectified and disgraced for everyday choices such as what they wear and that despite there being legislation and international commitments many women in Pakistan still lack access to basic services such as education, health, police, justice and social support. All of this makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to violence.” Chaudhry also explained…

Women in Law Conference on Violence Against Women

LEARN and UN Women Pakistan will be hosting the next conference under the women in law initiative on 'violence against women' on 15th September 2018 in Lahore. To Apply: Send your name, institution/organisation and contact number to info@learnpak.com.pk Why you should attend? Violence against women has to be understood in the backdrop of socio-economic and institutional factors prevalent in our society to address it effectively. This multidisciplinary approach is what has been missing from the discourse in the legal fraternity and it is time that lawyers in general and women and women in law are given the chance to look at this issue in its broader context. By teaming up with UN Women Pakistan and some of the most distinguished development sector researchers and lawyers, this conference aims to bring depth to the subject. In addition to that, it raises important questions and highlights the progress made in relation to…