Plastic is Not Disposable Campaign

13 May 2019 We launched our campaign against #SingleUsePlastic last year. Last year the campaign called for ditching at least one single use plastic item such as straws, plastic bags or cling wraps. This is our 2nd year of campaign for this cause. It commences from today. This year, it is about changing mindset of people regarding plastic products such as bottles, cling wraps, straws and bags which are considered "disposable". We are advocating for the word 'disposable' to be disassociated with plastic products to create better awareness of its non-biodegradable nature. Join us and spread the word using hashtags: #KnowYourPlastic #PlayYourPart #NotDisposable #Plastic

Understanding and Reporting VAW

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Chief Minister's Strategic Reforms Unit (CMSRU) to deliver joint workshops on "Understanding and Reporting Violence against Women". Pursuant to our Resolution on Gender Based Violence adopted by our Women in Law Initiative Pakistan on 15 Sept 2018 at the VAWCON18, we are committed to raising awareness about this matter and this series is in furtherance of our commitment to the same.

Law Career Development Workshop – NHLD, Kinnaird

Combating Toxic Air | Wed 6th Feb 2019 | Lahore High Court

Do you want to be part of the solution of the greatest challenge facing our existence? If so, join this session this wednesday at the Lahore High Court's Karachi Shahuda Hall. Time: 2:30 pm onwards. #LahoreSmog #ToxicAir https://www.facebook.com/events/406819460056379/

Women, Violence and Mobility – A Conversation (Event Report)

On Friday Dec 7th, 2018, Lahore Education and Research Network (LEARN) conducted a very engaging session in relation to #16DaysOfActivism for ending gender based violence in association with Olomopolo Media in Lahore. The theme on which we decided to focus on was ‘Women, Violence and Mobility’ in order to shed the light on the challenges while commuting faced by women and vulnerable groups and how that in turn consequently affects or undermines other rights that they have in the constitution such as their right to work, their freedom of movement, access to basic facilities etc. We had an open-house styled panel discussion where our speakers engaged in a two-way dialogue with the participants and shared not just their stories and experiences but also insights from their work and initiatives that they have undertaken on their own accord to bring awareness on women’s right to mobility and their right to be…