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The Legal and Analytical Research Center (“LARC”) and Lahore Education and Research Network (“LEARN”) jointly organized a two day vocational training course on Arbitration on the 17th and 18th of March 2017 at Avari Lahore.

The workshop aimed to address the practical issues surrounding the area of arbitration in Pakistan and in particular seeks to build the capacity of the business and the legal community alike in relation to the drafting, the implications and the consequences of the arbitration agreement and its interplay with local laws and enforcement mechanisms. In doing so, it also addressed the long standing debate for the reform of arbitration in Pakistan and explored the way forward to bring arbitration in Pakistan in line with global trends.

The workshop consisted of 6 sessions, namely Introduction to Arbitration, Commencement of Arbitration, The Procedure, Challenging the Award, Recognition and enforcement of Award- local, International Arbitration and Enforcement of Foreign Award.

The Panel of speakers included, Barrister Hassan Nawaz Sheikh, President of LARC, Ms. Asma Hameed Khan, Partner at Surridge and Beecheno, Mr. Ismail Sheikh Senior Associate at Mandiwala and Zafar, Barrister Muhammad Ahmad Qayyum, Former Secretary Lahore High Court Bar Association and Managing Partner of Qayyum and Associates, Mr. Waleed Khalid, Partner at CLM and Mr. Mansoor Khan ASC and Managing Partner of Khan and Associates.

This two-days training on arbitration was attended by students from various law schools as well as legal practitioners and people from business community.

The event culminated with an insightful speech by chief guest Mr. Chaudhary Muhammad Atiq ASC and Managing Partner of Shafiq Sons Law Associates who appreciated the will to learn of the participants. He also appreciated the organizers for bringing to center-stage an age-old process now referred to formally as arbitration.

LEARN and LARC both express their gratitude to the speakers and the participants for making this workshop a success and are humbled by the encouragement and inspiring words of the chief guest.

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