Women in Law Conference on Violence Against Women

LEARN and UN Women Pakistan will be hosting the next conference under the women in law initiative on 'violence against women' on 15th September 2018 in Lahore. To Apply: Send your name, institution/organisation and contact number to info@learnpak.com.pk Why you should attend? Violence against women has to be understood in the backdrop of socio-economic and institutional factors prevalent in our society to address it effectively. This multidisciplinary approach is what has been missing from the discourse in the legal fraternity and it is time that lawyers in general and women and women in law are given the chance to look at this issue in its broader context. By teaming up with UN Women Pakistan and some of the most distinguished development sector researchers and lawyers, this conference aims to bring depth to the subject. In addition to that, it raises important questions and highlights the progress made in relation to…

Our Campaign against Single Use Plastic featured in PPAF Newsletter July 2018

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Nida Usman – The Alliance Ambassador from Pakistan

Ms Nida Usman has been selected as the Ambassador from Pakistan to represent the cause and mission of "Alliance" - an international NGO working to promote equality and diversity in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alliance Ambassadors support and promote events for the Alliance and in collaboration with other organisations to advance the message of the Alliance. These events need not be on the topic of equality and diversity and may be on any topic relevant to the dispute resolution community but always showcase talent demonstrating diversity in our community. https://www.allianceequality.com/ambassadors/

Plastic Consumption Awareness Campaign

LEARN has launched the 'Plastic Consumption Awareness Campaign' to educate and sensitise people about their daily consumption patterns of plastic, the dangers of it and the means to avoid it. We are using the hashtags: #KnowYourPlastic #PlayYourPart #Refuse to #Reduce #RefuseTheStraw To join this initiative please share with us your brief video messages in support of this campaign and email the same to learnpak@yahoo.com

Press Release: Women in Law Seminar 2018

Press Release: The Lahore Education and Research Network (LEARN) held the Women in Law Seminar 2018 in association with Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) on 17th February 2018 at the Nishat Hotel Lahore. ‘Women in Law’ is an initiative of LEARN that was launched in 2016 to highlight and address the challenges and opportunities for female lawyers in Pakistan. Under this initiative the Network held three-part dialogue series in 2016 and followed up their work and research on the same with practical steps to build a stronger community of female lawyers, to connect and open channels of communication amongst them. The seminar was jointly dedicated to the exemplary contribution of Late Ms. Asma Jahangir to justice, rights and cause of women with a heartfelt tribute by Ms. Nighat dad (Founder DRF) and Ms. Nida Usman (Founder LEARN). Thereafter, Ms. Nida Usman provided a round-up on the work done so far on…